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CMV Group USA, Inc. CMV Group USA, Inc.
10 Meadowbrook Rd., 02301, Brockton, MA, United States
Tel: + 1 508 580 3383 Fax: + 1 508 580 8828
E-mail: Website:

Hydraulic Piling Rigs:
Kelly Auger version
CFA system
Slurry Wall application

Hydraulic Crawler Drills for:
Jet grouting
Soil mixing
Air / water / foam rotary drilling with rock-drag bit
Soil investigations
Top hammering
Down the hole rockdrilling

Hydraulic Casing Oscillators:
To be attached to hydraulic base rigs or complete with power pack

Casing Joints and Pipes

Mechanical Crane Mounts

Telescopic Kelly Bars

Hydraulic and Mechanical Grabs

Heavy Duty Drilling Tools:
Buckets, Augers, CFA augers, Core barrels, Chisels

CMV group has manufactured quality drilling products to the global industry for over 30 years. CMV specialized foundation machineries are currently distributed in several countries including:

US and Canada through our subsidiary company, CMV Group USA, Inc. a full facility with technicians on staff and an available inventory of spare parts.
South America, through our allied company CMV/Clò Belo Horizonte.
South East Asia, through our subsidiary company CMV FAR EAST PTE


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