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The following publications are presently available: introduces geotechnical eBooks

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Currently available titles:
» Fundamentals of Geotechnology by Prof Sven Hansbo
» Ground Improvement by Prof Sven Hansbo

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Deep compaction of granular soils
by Dr. K. Rainer Massarsch

The paper addresses general requirements of compaction of granular soils with respect to design, execution, monitoring and quality control. The advantages and limitations of different field investigation methods are discussed. Methods for deep compaction of granular soils are presented, and their advantages and limitations discussed. A concept describing the compaction mechanism in granular soils is proposed. Finally, the practical importance of the increase of soil strength after compaction, and pre-consolidation effects due to increase of lateral stresses are explained.

Non destructive test methods of stone and rock
by Dr. Anders Bodare

This report contains an overview of geophysical and civil engineering non-destructive test methods, which may be applied to the study of stone and rock. Mechanical and electrical methods are presented and their technical and economical feasibility are estimated. The mechanical methods contain the seismic, ultrasonic, hammer and the acoustic emission methods. The electrical methods are the radar, resistivity and the electromagnetic methods.

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