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Frustrated about the lack of interest in your event? Have interested participants difficulties to find your Web site? Do you wish to inform the geo profession about news and publish last-minute announcements? The answer is a registration of your event in the Geo Event Guide. The fee of a single event participant already pays your Premium membership fee!

Registration of your event in the Geo Event Guide enables you to inform the many Geoforum visitors about the scope, date and objectives of your event. Publish information about your event on-line - no programming knowledge required! By indexing the event using geotechnical keywords, interested participants will be able to find your event among the ever-increasing number of conferences, symposia, workshops and exhibitions. Publish and update Web pages including text and images directly from your personal Member Platform.

Choose among different registration levels: Gold - Premium - Basic. Membership at Premium or Gold level offers many benefits:

  • Feature presentation on
  • Access to password-protected Member Platform
  • On-line publishing of Bulletins, Programs etc.
  • Indexing of your event in the Geoforum database
  • Announcement of News
  • Link to your Web site
  • And many other benefits

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