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Topic: Piling
Subject: Kenny Hill Formation
Author: Jason 2005-06-06  
  What is a Kenny Hill Formation?I was told that it is a special soil type found in Malaysia.Not much information i could get from internet so far.  


  Author: Chow Chee Meng 2005-06-06  
  Kenny Hill formation is a Carboniferous to Triassic meta-sediment interbedded between meta-arenite and meta-argillite with some quartzite and phyllite.

In simple soil descriptions, it mainly consists of sandy CLAY or clayey SILT.

As for literatures from the internet, I only know of one at (under publications) where you will find some papers describing geotechnical works on such formation.

If you are a Malaysian and wish to know more in detailed with respect to its geological aspects, I believe you can find more information by visiting the Geological Department of Malaysia.

Hope it is useful to you.

  Author: *~ Fuzz ~* 2005-09-14  
  I`ve been searhing more about  

  Author: *~ Fuzz ~* 2005-09-14  
  I`ve been searhing more about bore,spun,micro and sheet piling in the internet but nothing satisfied me,I `ve been asked by lecture to do a report about it and I`m running of time.I never done such a big topic before since I`m a newbie in Technical Engineering Istitute.Plz help me  

  Author: mildrawde 2006-02-22  
  i think you can go to the g&p website.  

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